Welcome Letters

Most esteemed participants,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the second conference of Haydarpaşa Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations Conference (HPALMUN).

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Burak and I am a senior at Haydarpaşa Anatolian High School.I'm going to graduate this year with an awesome experience of HPALMUN.

As the Academic Team and also the Organisation team we have been working hard and trying to do our best to make sure for you to have your most awesome and unforgettable experience.

Like we invited you last year for providing the peace of world with our theme "One World One Race", the call of the peace is still working.We have many issues in all points of the world these days, and someone's waiting for us to give them the main help,the hope.Youth is the most important key that unlocks the doors of the love and happiness.

I believe that with our unique and qualified committees and hard-working team; all the participants will have the chance to discuss and find solutions to up-to-date issues around the world.It's time for you to take part changing the world. This winter, we can not wait to see you all at HPALMUN 2018 and welcome you all in the best way we can.

With my kindest regards and hope to live our dreams together.

Secretary- General of HPALMUN’18

Dear special participants of HPALMUN;

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the second conference which Haydarpaşa High School will be holding. As the head of the Organization Team, I would like to state that all the members of the group and I are putting a great effort to make sure that you will have a great and memorable time in our conference.

Since the first MUN in 1949, thousands of people have shared some amazing experiences. Now, so many people around the world are learning something new in every conference, improving their social skills and of course, making new friends. And especially in socializing, in every conference, organization teams play a huge part.

As the Academic Team and also the Organisation team we have been working hard and trying to do our best to make sure for you to have your most awesome and unforgettable experience.

Organizing social events at which participants get to know each other, or entertaining coffee breaks which will host some unique challanges are mainly what my team is responsible from. I can promise in behalf of my team that you will have four amazing days full of laughter and joy.

With the hopes of sharing my dream with all of you.

Mert Şahin
Director – General of HPALMUN’18


SOCHUM - General Assembly Third Committee

DISEC - General Assembly First Committee


Lincoln’s Cabinet: American Civil War

Joint Crisis Committee

Game Of Thrones

United Nations Security Council


Futuristic Military Committee of NATO

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About Us

  • Director General: Mert Şahin
  • Deputy Director General: Merve İçin
  • Deputy Director General: Burak Macit
  • Head of IT: Akif Ahsen Özer
  • Deputy Head of IT: Ömer Tarık İnce
  • Head of Logistics: Pelin Demirci
  • Head of Public Relations: Mert Doğanay
  • Deputy Head of Public Relations: Tutku Öztürk
  • Head of Press: Onur Ekin Aydın
  • Chief of Administrative Staff: İclal Yanmış
  • Associate Chief of Administrative Staff: Dila Duygu
  • Secretary General: Burak Çicek
  • Deputy Secretary General: Berra Taşdemir
  • Academic Assistant: Mehmet Polat
  • Academic Assistant: Harun Özcan
  • Academic Assistant: İbrahim Yusuf Mert
  • Academic Assistant: Su Yağmur Eryaşar
  • Head of Crisis Team: Rüzgar Aydın
  • Head of Crisis Team: Zafer Sağlık
  • Member of Crisis: Temuçin Pişirir
  • Member of Crisis: Doruk Dörücü
  • Member of Crisis: Zeren Su Konuksay
  • Member of Crisis: Bilge Arın Konuksay
  • Member of Crisis: Elis Odabaşı
  • Member of Crisis: Gülnur Berfu Beleli
  • Member of Crisis: Lal Defne Saygılı
  • Member of Crisis: Ufuk Eren Dalkıran
  • Member of Crisis: Zeynep Balkan
  • Member of Crisis: Aslı Güliz Orakçı
  • Member of Crisis: Haluk Onur Bahadır
  • Member of Crisis: Mehmet Emin Akyar

Conference FAQs

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

The dress code is formal, including the workshops and the ceremonies. Business attire would be appropriate for female participants. Suits, ties and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. It is absolutely not allowed to wear casual clothes. Participants attending to one of the historical committees may apply the national clothes of the date.
Yes, under special conditions a delegation may attend to the conference without an advisor.
Delegates may get prepared by examining the study guides written by the Academic Team.
Delegates who miss more than 2 sessions will not be able to have their certificates of participation.


Payment Details

Payment Details will be sent with the acceptance mail. All participants should make their payments within 5 days after the acceptance mail has arrived. Please be aware that any application will be dropped if payment isn’t done in the given time.

Early Application Deadline: 12 December 2017
Regular Application Deadline: 1 January 2018
Late Application Deadline: 18 January 2018

Conference fee covers:

  • All materials and tools (pen, message papers, notebooks etc.)
  • Badges
  • Lunch for three days
  • Appetisers and drinks in coffee breaks


The conference will be held in our school building which is in Koşuyolu, Kadıköy. Participants coming from:

1) Üsküdar; can take Koşuyolu minibuses or buses coded 11, 11A, 11C, 11D, 11E, 11EK, 11G, 11K, 11L, 11M, 11N, 11P, 11ST, 11Ü, 11ÜS, 11Y, 12ÜS, 139, 2, 9ÜD and get off at Altunizade station.From there, school is within a 15 minutes walking distance.

2) Kadıköy; can take Koşuyolu minibuses and get off at Koşuyolu İSKİ. From there, school is within a 5 minutes walking distance.

Participants who wish to use Metrobus should get off at Altunizde station. From there, school is within a 15 minutes walking distance.


Participants who wish to stay in a hotel can choose between the hotels which are very luxurious and among the best ones in the area, but we recommend the hotel we have stayed and pleased last year:

  • Mercure İstanbul Altunizade Hotel