Futuristic Military Committee of NATO

Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is one of the sub-bodies of the organization. In spite of the fact that the most functional body of the NATO seems to be the North Atlantic Council, Military Committee is the one that allows the Council to take appropriate decisions especially within militaristic issues as being composed of military representatives or the Chiefs of Defense of the Member States. In accordance to the definition provided by the organization, it is the oldest body of the organization after the aforementioned Council. Its main aim is to advice the NATO’s civilian decision-making bodies, the North Atlantic Council and the Nuclear Planning Group on the matters regarding military alongside being senior military authority that provides guidence to Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation. As being consensus-based committee, the committee should ratify any military plan with the approval of all Member States’ chiefs. Nevertheless, the committee will have a futuristic theme, thus, it will not be easy to take decisions immediately and the action plan should be prepared attentively. In 2019, the North Atlantic Council will be willing to have concrete approach in the Middle Eastern region and authorizing the Military Committee to deal with the possible action plans. If you want to know what events will cause such intervention, stay tuned. In the atmosphere of the Russian president initiated to be assassinated by the newly-elected President Trump, will the United Nations be able to obstruct war? If I was to be Russian, having the control of city of Luhansk, having supervised the nuclear explosion in Iran during construction; I would answer as “NO”.


Under Secretary General
Korhan Karadeniz
Hüseyin Avni Sözen Anatolian High School

Chairman of the Military Committee
Damla Özbay

Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee
Sanem Su Dörttepe