JCC: Dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991)

The Joint Crisis Committee, or JCC in its abbreviated and more frequently used form in colloquialparlance, is arguably the most prestigious committee in the entire MUN enterprise with the unique and alluring opportunities to discuss on the military plans and determinative political decisions molding the most fateful and fascinating periods and events in many different eras of human history occurring in diverse areas inhabited by the human kind, and the rare occasions whereby the participant delegates assume the grips of entire states and nations with the chance to rewrite the course of history and decide upon the destinies of millions of people and their posterities. In this committee, the delegates, under the crucial guidance of their committee directors, are required to take comprehensive, feasible as well as beneficient decisions on the military tactics and strategies they are going to implement in a battlefield in order to bring the military conflict to a successful conclusion for their side, or determine the policies which would best serve their vital interests at stake. In order to satisfactorily accomplish the task they would be burdened with and ultimately ensure the triumph for their party, each and every delegate shall necessarily need to furnish itself with an extensive and profound background knowledge of the event on the table as well as the broader historical context within which it takes place, have an unmistakable command on the facts and circumstances pertinent to the issues awaiting a permanent settlement and last but certainly not least possess a proficient understanding on the matters of politics, diplomacy as well as military strategy which they would surely be compelled to put to greatest use for the much- desired victory of their side in all aspects of the conflict at hand.

Member List

Under Secretary General
Derya Bilge Çefle
Koç University

Mikhail Gorbachev (Committee Director)
Uygar Özener
Boris Yeltsin (Committee Director)
Tibet Seheri
Dainis İvans (Committee Director)
Ege Beysel