Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Organization of Islamic Cooperation is "the aggregate voice of Muslim" all round the world, comprising of 57 Member States as a universal association that speaks to 1.6 billion Muslim individuals in understanding to the examination gave in 2008. Its principle mission is, as characterized by the association itself, "defend and secure the interests of the Muslim world in the soul of advancing global peace and concordance". In this way, the association has dependably been managing the issues that Muslim individuals experience the ill effects of including however not constrained to relocation emergency, psychological warfare exercises and the human rights infringement for the most part. Currently there are many conflict zones within the Middle Eastern region, especially in and around Palestine. Ensuring the safety of Muslims in these regions is a paramount matter of contention and requires adequate discussion within the committee. This topic has been debated for a very long time and no definite solution was reached up to this point. Will the states that are in association with the different governments involved in the conflict remain on a similar side in any activity the Organization of Islamic Cooperation may take?

Agenda Item

Under Secretary General
Işık Vera Şenel
Nesibe Aydın IB High School

Committee Director
Sena Kaya

Committee Director
Tarık Okatan