Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) or Shanghai Pact is a political,economic and military organisation formed by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. It was first formed in 26 April 1996 as the “Shanghai Five” but after including Uzbekistan, it was renamed “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation” in 2001.SCO aims to create an area of mutual inter-regional activities on countering terrorist acts, separatism and extremism in Central Asia, strengthening mutual confidence and good-neighborly relations among the member countries. SCO’s aims also cover the economical grounds such as; enhancing economic cooperation and prioritizing joint energy projects including the oil and the gas sector.

Under Secretary General
Yiğit Selimoğlu
TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Academic Assistant
Fatih Eldeş
Hüseyin Avni Sözen Anatolian High School

Committee Director
Beyza Yıldırım

Zeynep Naz Aydın