Stalin’s War Cabinet

“COMRADES, men of the Red Army and Red Navy, commanders and political instructors, working men and working women, collective farmers-men and women, workers in the intellectual professions, brothers and sisters in the rear of our enemy who have temporarily fallen under the yoke of the German brigands, and our valiant men and women guerillas who are destroying the rear of the German invaders! Comrades, it is in strenuous circumstances that we are to-day celebrating the twenty-fourth anniversary of the October Revolution. The perfidious attack of the German brigands and the war which has been forced upon us have created a threat to our country. We have temporarily lost a number of regions, the enemy has appeared at the gates of Leningrad and Moscow. The enemy reckoned that after the very first blow our army would be dispersed, and our country would be forced to her knees. But the enemy gravely miscalculated. In spite of temporary reverses, our Army and Navy are heroically repulsing the enemy’s attacks along the entire front and inflicting heavy losses upon him, while our country—our entire country—has organized itself into one fighting camp in order, together with our Army and our Navy, to encompass the rout of the German invaders.” If you would like to be part of the War Cabinet of Joseph Stalin against aforementioned invaders, protect the soverignity of Russian territories, be a part of his Politburo, be a commander, be the right arm of Joseph Stalin; we are looking forward to fighting on the same side with you and reshaping the history of World War II as well as the Soviet Union.

Reminder: Please bear in mind that participants who wants to apply to this committee are mandatory to stay in a hotel.

Member List

Under Secretary General
Işık Vera Şenel
Nesibe Aydın IB High School